UTRUST Raise $10 Million Via ICO In 24hours And Still Ongoing

UTRUST Raise $10 Million Via ICO In 24hours And Still Ongoing


UTRUST - A cryptocurrency payment platform based in Switzerland today announce it has surpassed its estimated sales of token worth $10 million from its ongoing ICO.

The ICO was launched on Novermber 2nd and plan to allow participants purchase UTRUST tokens for $0.65 per token. 

With the purchase of this token users in return are given access to the platform for transaction without a fee. the current accepted payment currency are Bitcoin or Ethereum. Unsold token after the ICO deadline will be burned and no other token will be issued.

UTRUST, tag its self as one of the first blockchain project to focused on widening consumer access to cryptocurrency via a platform for merchant and buyers.

Issuing a blog post detailing these changes, UTRUST CEO, Nuno Correa, said:

(It) remains fully committed to adhering to all rules and regulations by entities such as the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) in order to assure a legally compliant, and future-proof platform.

UTRUST provides a link chain for both parties involved as a platform for pure trust without compromise. The gist of the blockchain payment platform is enable user to shop for goods and services with either accepted cryptocurrency. UTRUST also eliminates the potential mistrust notion for both seller and buyers. they also provide and protect merchant from the crypto market volatility by allowing quick transaction on the fly without fuss.

The ICO is still ongoing and as said earlier on can be purchase at $0.65 per token either via Bitcoin or Ethereum.

School of thought there is a Crypto Valley in Switzerland called Zug


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